• All players must be registered on BracketPal and have signed a participation liability waiver.
  • Team Captains must check in their team before their first match.
  • All scores must be reported immediately after the conclusion of a match by a representative from each team.
  • Volleyballs will not be provided, although they can be rented for $5/hour with a valid picture ID or purchased for $50.

Forfeit Rule

  • A 10 minute forfeit rule is in effect for all matches. You must consult with the league director before accepting a forfeit.
  • Any forfeit notice at least 24 hours in advance will only count as a loss.
  • If notice is given, an attempt will be made to reschedule the match, but may not always be possible.
  • Any notice less than 24 hours in advance, or no notice, will be marked as a No Show.
  • After your second No Show, your team will be removed from the league without refund.

Rain Policy

  • We will play rain or shine and every attempt will be made to fit in all play.
  • Leagues will be cancelled in the event of severe weather or lightning. 
  • Any decision to cancel early will be made by 4pm the day of leagues. This will be posted on the website, on Facebook, and sent as an email to all registered players.
  • An attempt will be made to reschedule matches later in the season. Refunds will not be issued for weather incidents.

Play Format

  • All divisions will play 1-3 matches per night, depending on scheduling limitations.
  • Each match will consist of two games to 21, win by two.
  • Should teams split games, no tie-breaker set will be played.

League Playoffs

  • Playoffs will take place the last two weeks of the season.
  • Every team will make playoffs.
  • Teams will be placed in playoff divisions based on regular season performance with format being determined by the size of each division.

Rules of Play

  • All leagues will follow the USAV Beach Volleyball Official Rules except where noted below.
  • All Divisions
    • Any contact with the net during the act of playing the ball is illegal.
    • No lifting, throwing, or swatting the ball.
    • Three touches maximum per side.
    • No attacking, spiking, or blocking the serve.
  • Sixes
    • Setting the serve is allowed.
    • No coed or "girl" rule.
  • Doubles
    • Setting the serve is not allowed.
    • The first contact may not be "doubled" unless it is hard-driven.
    • A block touch counts as one of a team's maximum three touches.

Team Composition and Substitutions

  • Coed Sixes
    • Maximum roster of 10 players.
    • Maximum ratio of 4:2 male:female players on the court or forfeit.
    • Minimum of 2:2 male:female players on the court or forfeit.
  • Coed Doubles
    • One male and one female player unless approved by the Volleyball Director.
  • Subsitutions
    • Substitute players need not be registered and can sub at any regular season match.
    • Substitute players may not increase the maximum roster size above ten.
    • Substitute players may not play in end of the season tournaments without approval from the Volleyball Director.
    • Players may not sub within their own division.